Newborn Session Guide 2021

Welcome and Thank you for choosing us for your newborn session.

Newborn images are best created within the first 7 to 21 days of the baby arriving. During this time, the baby is still very sleepy and easy to pose. Please notify me within 48 hours of giving birth so we can set a session date on our calendar. You may notify me through text, email, fb, or even a phone call, which ever is best for you. Please make sure to contact me as soon as possible after baby arrives.

Before being photographed there are a few things to consider, so please read below for a few simple ideas to make the experience more successful:

1. This is probably the most important step you will take to prepare for your session. A bath, awake time and/or interacting with your baby for at least 2 hours if not more before the session will ensure that they are asleep during the session. Even if your baby normally is a sound sleeper, or goes right back to sleep after eating at home, please follow this step. Please feed baby right before you leave for the session or as soon as you arrive at the studio.

2. Once you arrive we will then start preparing him/her for their session, meaning any and all clothing must be taken off, except for the diaper. Please do not overly dress baby in clothing that is hard to take off, a onesie or easily removed pajama outfit will work great so they do not have to be disturbed. No tight socks or clothing that may leave indentions in the skin. 

3. The baby will be naked for some poses, but posed so that all private areas are covered. If you prefer not to have these photos of the baby taken, just let me know, your baby can be dressed in all setups, I have many little pants and outfits for them to wear. We also have an option of all wrapped session as well.

4. The shoot may last up to 3 hours; getting a baby to sleep before posing them takes time and they may need to be fed during the shoot as well. Babies usually need to eat more during a session, so even if you are on a schedule, or the baby eats at certain times, please be flexible with on demand feeding during the session. Please bring additional bottles ( if bottle feeding). If you use a pacifier please bring it along with you.

5. If nursing, try to avoid eating anything spicy (ie. pizza, hot sauce, etc) or anything that will cause gas and might upset baby’s tummy for 24 hours preceding your scheduled session. A gassy baby will not pose well during the session due to their little tummy being upset.

7. When you arrive, please leave baby in the car seat when bringing him/her into the studio. I will remove baby very slowly in the warm studio to avoid disturbing them as much as possible.


8. During the session, sit back and relax. I won’t need much assistance, so take advantage of this time to rest in my sitting area (I’m sure you need it!). Parents will often watch a movie, answer emails or read in my sitting area while I work with your new little one. I’ve even had some parents take a nap!

9.Parents often ask ‘Can I circumcise my baby before the session?’ and the answer is ‘Please, no!’. Circumcision can often leave the area raw and painful for a few days after the procedure. It is important to note that newborn photos should be done either before the procedure takes place or at least 5 days after the procedure to ensure the area is healed. In fact, we feel so strongly about this that if baby arrives with a fresh circumcision (within 5 days) we will send you home and reschedule.

11.Your little darling will poo and pee on all the props. This is natural and expected. Please do not feel embarrassed when this happens, because they all do it. Any experienced newborn photographer will be completely accepting and expecting of this fact.

12.The studio will be warmer than your home is usually so that the baby is comfortable during the session, so please wear light clothes or layers to ensure your comfort. Since babies are usually photographed naked, the studio will be set at a temperature of 80F to ensure baby is warm and comfortable.


 So, here are some newborn photography essentials:

Bring a snack and water for yourself and any pets and siblings. The photoshoot can be long and tiring.

If siblings are coming, bring some entertainment for them.

Bring at least one change of clothing, just in case any accidents happen.

Bring everything for changing and feeding the baby, including any special creams and products you use. Extra Wipes and Diapers. Extra bottles as well.

If the newborn has hair, bring a brush.

Bring any toys or props you would like to add into the photos.

If the baby is using the pacifier, bring that as well. It often helps soothe babies into the poses and facilitates getting them to sleep.

f your baby is not used to a pacifier or you do not feel comfortable offering one, do not worry, it is not a must.

Comfortable outfit for going home in.


Parents or siblings should wear solid colors and avoid patterns so they do not catch the attention from the main subject – the baby. Those may be gray and cream clothes, but any other color that you prefer might work as well. One of the most common suggestions is to pick one or two colors and then coordinate different tones of the colors together. For example, you can mix light and dark gray or blue together. Baby can be wrapped in matching wrap for family images.


My style is a posed newborn session- a mix of shots done in/on props, and your basic "blanket" shots that focus on baby being curled up and posed in different positions. I do not offer lifestyle newborn sessions.

Editing your baby's images takes approximately 1-2 weeks. Newborn editing can be especially time consuming, to ensure the little fingernail scratches, blotches and any discolorations are cleaned up in post-processing to give you that creamy smooth skin you see in my images.

If you have any further questions please EMAIL ME at