About ME !


Just the person I wanted to see!

Welcome !

I'm Joanne , I own Three Bees Studio.

Make yourself at home!

Can I get you anything?

Here are some questions I get asked most !

Q. When did you become a photographer?

A. I really don't know? I have always had a love for technology, art and spending time with my kids. My dad bought me my first digital camera ( a polaroid) in 2000. Before that we had film.. so I guess my answer is forever lol ..but all digital since 2000. We official opened a studio in May 2006.

Q. Why do you shoot everything instead of specialize?

A. But I do specialize.... in PHOTOGRAPHY! Whether I am shooting a family, or a newborn, the required camera knowledge, the light knowledge and the interactions with my clients is all the same. I love variety in shooting. So much fun to shoot a newborn in the morning , and a boudoir in the afternoon, and a family session at sunset!

Q. Did you go to school for photography?

A. No, I didn't. I always wanted to but it wasn't in the cards for me. Although I am thousand and thousands of hours of photography workshops , online learning and 14 years studio experience. I have over 18 years experience in photoshop , and photo editing.

Q. What would you like from Tim Hortons ?

A. ooohhh a large steeped tea, with 3 cream!

If you have any other questions for me ...JUST ASK!