September 13, 2020

End of summer 2020

Fall 2020

As we enter a new season in this year of uncertainty , we can expect one thing will happen. the leaves will fall.. and winter will arrive. As we approach cooler weather, it feels like the summer that never was. We didn't take vacations. We didn't see the sights.. we didn't even see our families and friends. I have a little boy staring Grade 2 virtual learning tomorrow, a whole new world again. We will be both working from home, and how ever that looks, for now, it's our new normal. Please be patient with photographers this time of year. We are busy, we are stressed and we too are dealing with a new normal at home and work. I won't lie, editing will take longer.. I have no days without kids at home now to settle into 6 hours of straight editing. I am close to being caught up completely, but the added home schooling and constant snack making is making me a week behind on regular sessions , and 6-8 weeks for composite sessions. Right now we are turn around 2-3 weeks for regular sessions and 6-8 weeks for composites. We are taking this week off to complete all editing to this point and get my son prepared for school at home, and settled into a new routine for both of us! .

I will have fall and Christmas sessions out within 7-10 days from the session date , as I know Christmas cards are a must!

We have started booking Fall and Holiday 2020 sessions are almost completely booked for all fall sessions. If you would like one please visit our booking page to see what days and times are left! CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Christmas sessions are booking up as well!

In studio this year we have had to make less time for sessions, and more time in between to clean and sanitize. Our Christmas availability has never been this thin, as I love back to back sessions.

If you would like a Christmas or Fall session, Book ASAP!

Here's to last few months of 2020... and big plans and dreams for 2021!